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The Gene Man
Genealogical Services and Products

A free 1-hour initial consultation is included for all family history and genealogical research projects. The initial consultation helps us understand what you’re looking to find, general timelines, and the scope of the research effort. After the free consultation, we can begin the great discovery into your family’s history! Customers receive a standard family tree and pedigree chart back 5 generations. These are delivered in PDF format. Of course, we can continue going back in time to uncover more ancestors! High resolution photos and certain documents can be compiled and provided via DVD or other cloud storage solution. See below for specific products and pricing options.

Fees for Services

Research Price
Initial Consultation (1 hour)FREE
Standard Hourly Rate (U.S.) $50.00
International Hourly Rate$65.00
Family Photo Album (based on style, size, #pages)$50.00-300.00
DVD – Photos and Documents$35.00
DVD – Video montage with music $125.00
DNA Kits (includes tax & shipping)$85.00
Pedigree Chart (depending on size and style)$100.00-350.00
Large Wall Charts (varying sizes)$350.00-500.00
Family Website (includes domain and hosting)$1,500.00
Research Packages
One full family line back to 1800* $500.00
40 Hour Genealogical Research Bundle$1,800.00
80 Hour Genealogical Research Bundle$3,200.00

*In genealogy, there are instances where records can not be found at the time research is conducted. In other words, some lines simply reach a dead end. However, those records could turn up at a later date. In situations where evidence does not exist, the customer will be notified and any unused time will be refunded.

Payment for Services
We accept online payments through credit and debit cards. Customers can also pay through our PayPal account – . In addition, checks may be remitted via the US Postal Service. Please contact The Gene Man by email at for instructions.

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Ethics and Standards

The Gene Man uses proven genealogical tools and techniques to research ancestral lineage. As a genealogist, The Gene Man follows the high ethical standards used by professional genealogists in the industry. The Gene Man adheres to the Association of Professional Genealogists code of ethics and the Board for Certification of Genealogists Code of Ethics and Standards.

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