Pennington, Asa


Age at Enlistment:  38

Length of Service: 1814-1815

State:  Tennessee

Rank:  Cpl

Unit:  2nd Regiment, West Tennessee Militia

Service Record:  Drafted 20 Sep 1814 into CPT Thomas Delany’s Company, LTC Hammons, under COL Lowery (six months service), discharged 20 Mar 1815 at Mobile, Alabama.  Note:  War of 1812 Service Record is under the mis-named “Asa Pendleton”

Survived WarYes

Cemetery / Burial:   Pennington Cemetery, Phelps, Lawrence Co., MO

Asa Pennington

Notes: “old burial ground is in the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Section 9, Township 28, Range 27, on the Jesse Burns farm, just southeast of the barn. This survey made 24 October 1968, by Fred G. Mieswinkel. As of 1983, it is open to stock and nearly all stones are down.”

Inscription on Grave:

Asa Pennington
Aug 26, 1775 – Sept. 22, 1853
Aged 78yrs 1m 1d ~ Footmarker A. P.

Dan Stearns uncovered Asa Pennington’s marker in Sept., 1971.

Soldier Info:   Born in Surry, NC in 1775;  Died in Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., MO in 1853

Relationship to Author:  1st Cousin 7x

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