Hackler, Creed F.


quantrills flag
Quantrill’s Flag

Age at Enlistment: 24

Length of Service: 1862-1863

State:  Missouri

Rank:  Pvt

Unit:  16th MO Infantry Regiment

Service Record: Enlisted in Co. D on 1 Aug 1862; discharged by Genl. Roan on 5 Feb 1863 of Parson’s Bde at Little Rock, AR due to sickness; was paid $96.83 back pay on 14 Feb 1863; offered discharge by surgeons certificate of disability.

Other records: Was paid $12.00 for the use of his horse.  Born Grayson County, VA. 25 years old, 5 ft., 9. Grey eyes, dark hair; Paid $11.00 per month.

Survived War:  Yes

Cemetery / Burial: Melissa, Collin Co., TX

Soldier Info:  Born in Grayson Co., VA in 1838; died in 1870 but records say Collin Co., TX; For a period of unknown duration, he rode with Quantrill, or so he did according to George H. Hackler and family legend. Cavaliers of the Brush: Quantrill and His Men, By Michael E. Banasik, states that he joined the Younger Gang (with Jesse James) after the war and was mortally wounded about 1870 in a bank robbery near Little Rock, Arkansas.

Relationship to Author:  1st cousin 5x

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