Greer, Moses

58th NCT flag
58th NC Infantry battle flag
Age at Enlistment:  31
Length of Service: 1862

State: North Carolina

Rank:  Pvt

Unit:    58th NC Infantry Regiment

Service Record:   Served in Co. L; there are letters on his page that indicates he died in camp with many other Soldiers either from disease or from action in that area; No record in NPS or Fold3, but it’s clear he did serve and has gravestone in De Lapp Cemetery indicating service. His brother Jesse Greer also died in the war in 1864.

Survived War: No

Cemetery / Burial:  De Lapp Cemetery, Jacksboro, Campbell Co., TN moses greer

Letter mentions letter Moses dying in camp: letter mentioning moses greer

Transcribed and provided by moodyroot on ancestry: George W. McGuire and Macagah Tugman were married to sisters. George to Sarah Greer and Macagah to Nancy Greer. This letter was written by George to Macagah and Nancy.

Camp near big Gap break. Campbell co tenn…Dec the 18th 1862

Dear brother and sister it is with pleasure that i seat my self  this morning to write a few lines to you in token of my best respects to you i can say to you that i am in tolerable helth at this time hoping those few lines will find you all well and doing well.. i can in form you that i recevd a very pord letter from you yesterday which gave me greate satisfaction to hear from you and to hear that you was all well    i have bin very bad of with cough and cold and stopt up in my head and lungs but i am a getting beter    there is a heap of sickness heare in camp    is not half of our company that is able for duty    Moses greer and Soloman greer is both dead and six others in our company    we don’t know how long we will stay hear nor how soon we will be attacked by the yankes but if tha come we will giv them the best we have got in our shape    i am in a bad fix to write to day for i expected to get to go home about this time and have got noked out of it and it hurt me a site bad    i recevd a letter from home a few days ago and tha was all well    Saley had sold apart of her hogs and was getting a long very well    Macagah you have some ide how uneasy i am about home    it seems like if i cold see my family one more time i cold be beter satisfied    i would like to see you all the best in the world and Set down with you to breakfast and drink some milk and coffee and eat Some buter and porck and many other things but seeing i cant do this i want you to write to me as Soon as you get this letter and let me no how you ar all a getting along write how all of the nabors is a doing and how times is in that contry    give my best respects to Thomas greer folks and Benjamin bown folks if it is in your power    i want you to go see my folks and if tha get in disstres any way if you can help them i will pay you tel tell ou ar satisfied    i think tha have got plenty to eat if tha can eccpe it    tell Thomas greer that i want him to write to me and excuse me for not writing to him for my chance is very bad and i am a bad Scribe at best but hear i half to Sit down on the ground and write on my nee    So i must close my letter by Subscribing myself your affectionate brother til death So fairwell write Soon and often

                                                               Geo W. Mcguire

                                                      To Mr Macagah Tugman

                                                               Nancy Tugman

This letter was submitted by John W. Heaton. He photographed it when he photographed the Beech Mountain Church Journal from 1889.

Soldier Info: Born in Ashe Co., NC in 1831;  Died in De Lapp Co.,  Tennessee in 1862.

Relationship to Author:  2nd cousin 6x

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