Greer, James Anderson

Photo:    CSAflag

james a greer and wife
James A. Greer and wife in Ashe Co., North Carolina

Age at Enlistment: 23

Length of Service: 1862-1865

State:  North Carolina

Rank:   Pvt / Cpl

Unit:    6th NC Cavalry Regiment

Service Record:  Enlisted in Co. D on 8 July 1862 at Jefferson, NC of the 5th BN NC Cavalry; (brother of Benjamin, Alexander, David Crocket Greer); Transferred from 5th battalion to 6th NC Calvary in Sept. 1863 after consolidation; appointed corporal Feb 1864; present on rolls through Nov 1864 (brought his own horse); NFR . According to input he participated in the following battles: “April 6, 1863 at Roger’s Gap, TN.; on June 9, 1863 at Brandy Station, VA.; on June 19, at Big Creek Gap, TN and Wattsburg, TN; Fought on June 20, 1863 at Big Creek Gap, TN and June 20 1863 at Hawkins County, KY; Fought on June 22, 1863 at Wilson County, NC at Wilson’s Gap, TN; July 30, 1863 at Big Hill, KY; July 31, 1863 at Big Hill, KY and at Irvine, KY; August 1, 1863 at Big Hill, KY and Cumberland River KY; on August 1, 1863 at Richmond, VA, on Aug 1, 1863 at Standford, KY and at Wildcat, KY. Fought in the battle of Chickamauga, GA on Sept 20, 1863. On August 3, 1863, he was transferred to the 6th Cavalry Regiment, where they regrouped into two wings and continued to battle.

Survived War:  Yes

Cemetery / Burial:  Greer-Shepherd Family Cemetery, Ashe Co., NC

Soldier Info: Born in Ashe Co., NC in 1839; Died at Piney Creek, Ashe Co., NC in 1925

Relationship to Author:  5th Great uncle

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