Faircloth, Thelbert A.

Photo:  37th NC Infantry battle flag37th NC inf
Age at Enlistment:  31

Length of Service: 1864-1865

State: North Carolina

Rank:  Pvt

Unit:   37th NC Infantry Regiment

Service Record: Enlisted in Co. B at Ashe Co. on 15 Feb 1864; served in Lanes Brigade; wounded in left foot “M. B.” (minie ball) at Spottsylvania court house; (his company commander Lt. Charles T. Haigh, was KIA after heroic deed capturing battery leading Co. B); Admitted around 18 May 1864 at Jackson Hosp, Richmond, VA; transferred to Winder Hosp, Richmond on 29 May 1864; released home on furlough to recover from wound on 29 May 1864; RTD in Sep 1864; last record states given furlough 7 Mar 1865

Account of Co. B’s part in the battle at Spottsylvania C.H. :


“[A]s the Thirty-seventh emerged from the oak woods through which we had advanced, a battery planted in an open field not more than one hundred yards off, opened upon us with grape and canister . . . . Lieutenant Charles T. Haigh, of Company B, rushed twenty odd yards in front, with hat in one hand and sword in the other, shouting to his men to come on. Other officers, inspired by his noble example, rushed forward with him and led the regiment to the battery, not a gun [of ours] being fired until we reached it, when halting, it poured in one volley, killing every man at the battery . . . . Wheeling to the left from the battery and fighting with desperation, poor Charley Haigh fell dead . . . . Wheeling still farther to our left we strike [Gen. Ambrose E.] Burnside’s troops, who had charged our works and been defeated. Then and there in those oak woods a scene with clubbed musket and bayonet took place which was too horrible to describe. Every one was trying to fight his way back to our works. Our brigade captured three stands of colors, two of them by the Thirty-seventh.”
Lt. Octavius A. Wiggins, Company E, 37th North Carolina Regiment, Lane’s Brigade, Wilcox’s Division, Hill’s Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, describing the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia, Overland Campaign, May 8-21, 1864. (Battle Result: Inconclusive — Estimated Casualties: 30,000 total).

Survived War: Yes

Cemetery / Burial:  Fees Ridge Cemetery, Grayson County, VA

thelbert faircloth
Photo by:  3rd great grandson, Paul Clark

Soldier Info: Born in Ashe Co., NC in 1833;  Died in Grayson Co., VA in 1917. He received a confederate soldiers’ pension after the war , approved in 1901. Before the war in 1859, Thelbert was the postmaster at Whitetop, Grayson Co., VA

Relationship to Author: 3rd Great Grandfather

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