Earhart, Henry

Photo:    4th VA Infantry battle flag

4th VA Inf
4th VA Infantry battle flag                        (captured at Spottsylvania)

Age at Enlistment: 25

Length of Service: 1861-1865

State:  Virginia

Rank:  Pvt

Unit:   4th VA Infantry Regiment

Service Record:  Enlisted in Co. L on 16 Jul 1861 at Blacksburg, Va; detailed to hospital by order General Lee on 31 Dec 1862 (due to # of casualties); was dutied to be agent for supplies at Guinea Station Hosp, Va.; moved with Army of the Valley by Order LTG Jackson in 1 Apr 1863; assigned to Dr. Heaggy, surgeon and moved to Liberty Hills, Va. Hospital 31 May 1863; in Aug 1863 moved to Orange C.H. Hospital; re-ordered to II Army Corps Hospital by General Lee on 31 Dec 1863; in Jul 1864 moved with II Corps Army of the Valley to Shenandoah (likely with Early’s valley campaign); NFR but survived war

Survived War:  Yes

Cemetery / Burial:  Earhart Family Cemetery, Ellett, Montgomery Co., VA

Soldier Info: Born in Montgomery Co., VA in 1836; Died in Montgomery Co., VA in 1892

Relationship to Author:  2nd cousin 6x

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