Dickson, John Wesley

Photo:  Missouri Cavalry and infantry flag

Age at Enlistment: 22

Length of Service: 1862-1864

State:  Missouri

Rank: Pvt

Unit:   3rd MO Cavalry Regiment

Service Record:  Enlisted in Co. C/D on 6 Aug 1862; brought his own horse ($140) and equipment $15; the last record shows present in Jan-Feb 1864; although no evidence yet, there is information he may have died in Russell Co., MO in the summer of 1864.  There is no information on him after the war.

Survived War:  Not likely

Cemetery / Burial:  Unknown

Soldier Info: Born in Ashe Co., NC in 1840; Died in Russell Co., MO on 12 Jul 1864 (?); he was married to Cecilia Thompson and had two children born in 1861 and 1864.

Relationship to Author:  1st cousin 5x

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