Debusk, Christopher Columbus

Photo:  21st VA Infantry banner captured at Gettysburg21st VA infantryAge at Enlistment:  36

Length of Service: 1861-1864

State:  Virginia

Rank:  1st Sgt.

Unit21st VA Infantry Mileham’s Co.; Tuttle’s Bn Local Defense Abingdon, Va

Service Record: Enlisted as 1st Sgt of the Co. in 17 Sep 1861, but became very ill in April 1862 and likely had to be discharged; enlisted in local defense Tuttle’s Bn in Co. A on 28 May 1864. According to his “Christopher was a first sergeant with the 21st Battalion, Virginia Infantry.

Survived War:  Yes

Cemetery / Burial:   Maple Grove Cemetery, Sylvia, Dickson Co., TN

Soldier Info:  Born in Washington Co., VA in 1825; Died in Dickson Co., TN in 1891. Married author’s 4th Great Aunt, Lydia Blevins.

Relationship to Author1st cousin 5x

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