Cox, Calloway Floyd

Photo:  CSAflag Age at Enlistment:  36

Length of Service: 1861-1865

State:  Virginia

Rank:  Pvt

Unit:   Grayson County, VA Militia;  45th VA Infantry Regiment

Service Record:  Started out in the Grayson Co. Militia likely in 1861-1862; Enlisted in Co. on 1 Feb 1863; captured at Staunton, Va. or Piedmont, Va. on 5 Jun 1864 and sent to Camp Morton Indianapolis prison; transferred for exchange on 26 Feb 1865 and sent to City Point, Va. via Baltimore; admitted to hospital in Richmond on 16 Mar 1865 for “general debility” and sent on 60 day furlough; war ended on 9 April 1865; he died on 9 May 1865 from his poor health condition from prison, but at home at Peach Bottom, Grayson, Co., VA

Survived War:  Yes, but died exactly one month later

Cemetery / Burial:   Little Sam Cox Cemetery Peach Bottom, Grayson Co. , Va.

Soldier Info:   Born in Grayson Co., VA in 1825; Died in Grayson Co., VA in 1865;

Relationship to Author:  2nd cousin 6x

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