Cole, Sampson

Photo:  22nd VA Cavalry battle flag

22nd VA Cav Age at Enlistment:  27

Length of Service: 1862-1865

State:  Virginia

Rank:  Pvt

Unit:  McFarlane’s Co. VA Cavalry (partisan rangers);  22nd VA Cavalry Regiment

Service Record:  Enlisted in the partisan ranger unit on 15 Aug 1862; then went to the 22nd VA Cav a year later on 15 Aug 1863 in Co. H; deserted 20 June 1864 and tried to go back to the partisan rangers; was never paid for his service so likely reason he left the 22nd VA Cav.; NFR

Survived War:  Yes

Cemetery / Burial:   East Carter County Memory Gardens, Grayson, Carter Co., KY

Soldier Info:   Born in Grayson Co., VA in 1835; Died in Carter, KY in 1888

Relationship to Author:  1st cousin 4x

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