Charlton, John I.

Photo:  24th VA Infantry battle flag 24th va inf

Age at Enlistment:  29

Length of Service: 1861-1865

State:  Virginia

Rank:   Pvt / Lt

Unit:    24th VA Infantry Regiment

Service Record: Enlisted in Co. B as a Pvt on 23 May 1861, then promoted to 2Lt; Wounded in action near Richmond on 1 Jul 1862 with gunshot wound to thigh with fractured femur; retired by Secy of War 19 Oct 1864 (he never fully recovered from orig. gunshot wound);  assigned to the Invalid Corp “P.A.C.S.” on 13 Jan 1865 and put under MG Kemper until 27 Jan 1865; NFR but likely stayed until the surrender in Apr 1865.

Survived WarYes

Cemetery / Burial:   Burial unknown

Soldier Info:  Born in Pulaski Co., VA in 1832; Death date and place unknown

Relationship to Author2nd cousin 6x

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