Charlton, Francis C.

PhotoCSAflagAge at Enlistment:  28

Length of Service: 1862-1865

State:  Missouri

Rank:  Cpl / Sgt

Unit: 3rd MO Infantry Regiment and 10th MO Infantry Regiment

Service Record: Enlisted in Co. E 3rd MO Volunteers; Appointed 3rd Cpl in 9th MO Volunteers after 2Cpl was KIA; promoted to Cpl in Jan 1864; promoted to 3rd Sgt in 10th MO Inf; taken prisoner with regiment at New Orleans and sent to Camp Allen, and released around 8 Jun 1865

Survived WarYes

Cemetery / Burial:   Burial unknown

Soldier Info:  Born in Montgomery Co., VA in 1834; Death unknown

Relationship to Author:  2nd cousin 6x

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