Blevins, Wilburn

Photo:   CSAflagAge at Enlistment: 39

Length of Service: 1863-1864

State:  North Carolina

Rank:  Pvt

Unit:    66th Battalion NC Militia

Service Record:  Served from abt. Aug 1863 until 20 Jan 1864 in Cpt John H. Whitman’s Co.; (8th Battalion, Partisan Rangers; 13th Battalion); Received medical examination on 20 Oct 1864, diagnosed as suffering from deformity of the left arm and “left eye out.” Age 39.

Survived War:  Yes

Cemetery / Burial:  Burial Unknown; likely Ashe Co., NC

Soldier Info:   Born in Ashe Co., NC in 1825; Died in Ashe Co., NC in 1875

Relationship to Author:  4th Great Uncle

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