Blevins, Morris

Photo: 58th NC Infantry battle flag remnants

58th NCT flag

Age at Enlistment: 39

Length of Service: 1864-1865

State:  North Carolina

Rank:  Pvt

Unit:    58th NC Infantry Regiment

Service Record:  Conscripted into Co. L on 1 Feb 1864 at Dalton, GA at the age of 39; the war was going badly and he and many others deserted in Oct 1864; sent north of Ohio River until war ended in Apr 1865.

Survived War:  Yes

Cemetery / Burial:  Walls Cemetery, Grayson Co. VA

Soldier Info:   Born in Grayson Co., VA in 1825; Died in Grayson Co., VA in 1907; He married Lucinda Elizabeth Farmer in 1850. Morris was 25 & Lucinda was 14. The couple had ten children, but all together produced thirteen.  He died in 1907 in his home on Whitetop, VA at the age of 82.

Relationship to Author:  1st cousin 5x

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