Blevins, John

Photo:flag-french-indian war

Age at Enlistment:  abt. 40

Length of Service: 1758

State:  Virginia

Rank:  Pvt

UnitHalifax County Militia

Service Record:  An act of the Virginia Assembly, passed March 1758, called out the Halifax County Militia for service during the French and Indian War. Wells Ward, the son of Nathan and Margaret Ward, was paid 23 shillings for one month’s service. (Crozier, William Armstrong, “Henning’s Virginia County Records,” Volume II, New York, 1905, page 73). It was in Halifax County that the Nathan Ward family began its long association with the Blevins, Osborn(e) and Cox families. Serving with Wells Ward in the Halifax Cty Militia were: James Blevins, William Blevins, John Blevins, Josiah Cox and William Cox.

Source:  Virginia Colonial Militias, 1651-1776; Baltimore Southern Book, Co. 1954; ed. Croster

Survived WarYes

Cemetery / Burial:    Shipley Cemetery, Sullivan Co., TN (near Morell’s Creek)

Soldier Info:  Born abt. 1716 or 1720 in Prince Georges, Maryland Colony;  Died in Sullivan Co., TN in 1805

Relationship to Author:  8th Great Uncle

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