Black, James F.

Photo:  NoCSAflag

Age at Enlistment:

Length of Service: 1861-1865

State:  Tennessee

Rank:  Pvt

Unit27th TN Infantry Regiment

Service Record:  Enlisted in Co. H on 1 Jul 1861; wounded in action in July 1862 and sent to hospital until Jan 1863 and furloughed and went home; joined the cavalry but came back to the 27th on 22 May 1864; taken prisoner of war at the battle of Franklin, TN on 17 Dec 1864; sent to Nashville prison hospital with gunshot wound and fracture at the elbow; amputated lower 1/3 of right arm at elbow ulna at US hospital on 26 Dec 1864; sent to Louisville, KY prison in March 1865; sent to union prison Camp Chase, OH on 12 Mar 1865; transferred to Pt. Lookout, MD prison on 26 Mar 1865; released finally on 6 Jun 1865

Survived WarYes

Cemetery / Burial: Cook’s Cemetery, Milton, Rutherford Co., TN

Soldier Info:   Born in TN in 1836; Died at the age of 32 in TN in 1868. It is likely he never fully recovered from the many wounds received in the War and from union prison camps (at least 4).

Relationship to Author:  2nd cousin 5x

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