Baldwin, Hiram


CSAflagAge at Enlistment:  19

Length of Service: 1861-

State:  Virginia

Rank:  Pvt

Unit:  Cohoon’s Battalion, Infantry (6th Battalion, NC Infantry); French’s Battalion, Infantry; Grayson Co., VA Militia

Service Record:  Service record states his service in the militia, but no dates; there is another Hiram Baldwin who served in the 14th NC Infantry who enlisted at Raleigh, NC in 1862, but unsure if this is the same man. Still researching.

Survived WarYes

Cemetery / Burial:   Burial Unknown, but died in Grayson Co., VA in 1892

Soldier Info:  Born in Grayson Co., VA  in 1842; Died in Grayson Co, VA in 1892

Relationship to Author2nd cousin 4x

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